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Shelley & Adelinde in Holland

Shelley & friend in Holland

Freedom Farms Canada is designed to provide the ideal facility for training the dressage horse and rider.  We strive to provide excellent horse care and learning opportunities aimed specifically at dressage enthusiasts.

Shelley and Ron Malbeuf purchased Freedom Farms in 2009.  The farm was originally owned by a lovely lady who also had a lifetime love of horses. Since then, they have worked hard to evolve the property into its current condition; a state-of-the-art equestrian facility in a beautiful and relaxing, park-like setting.

Shelley and Avie

Shelley and Avie

When you visit the farm, you’ll see that Ron and Shelley love all animals as they have rescued many; you’ll find quite a few chickens, cats, dogs and even a goat named Stoney (actually the goat thinks he is a dog and follows Ron all over the place).

Please contact us to book an appointment to meet the owners and view our fabulous facilities.